Friday, 23 October 2009

Drinks for Asia

Last night 25 people gathered for a serious meeting during which we collectively decided to support entrepreneurs in Asia.

OK, may be only 1 person decided that it were Cambodian start ups that needed our support. As can be seen by the photos below chances were that most of the minds were with the Australian Shyraz - Cabernet-Sauvignon that was on promotion for us. Still, we did end up supporting two entrepreneurs in Asia and a third Cambodian start up was already supported a month ago during the Table Invitee.

So please meet the Asian entrepreneurs that we are supporting by coming together for socializing with new friends!

Hermenia Soon, a resident of the village of Poblacion (Philippines) is 43 years old, married, and has six school-aged children. To make a living, Hermenia owns and operates a store selling vegetables in their village. She has just started this business and wants to elaborate the offering.

Letecia Ocular is from the village of Puntian, Quezon Bukidnon, Phillippines. She is 48 years old and married with four adult children. To make a living, Letecia raises pigs for sale. Letecia has been engaged in her business for over four years and earns approximately 5000 PHP (approx. E70) a month for these activities. With the loan we have extended her, she can purchase more livestock to raise and sell.

Mr. Noeun Sorn, 69, is a widower with two daughters. One of them is a garment factory worker. The family lives along National Road Number Six about fifteen kilometers from Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. Noeun has been raising and selling cows for 4 years. Now he is requesting his first loan of US$ 500 to purchase additional cows to raise and sell.

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