Friday, 20 November 2009

Cheese Shops Amsterdam

The Dutch have been making cheese since 400 AD. Flash forward to 2009 and we are left with world famous cheeses as Gouda and Edam. One does not need to travel to these towns to get great cheeses, though. Here is a list of Cosmo Polite’s favourite cheese shops in Amsterdam.

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Reypenaer Tasting Room - Singel 182
Want to taste a Dutch gem (cheese-wise)? Reypenaer cheese is an award-winning cheese that is made in Woerden. From their historic cheese-ripening warehouse, the family van Wijngaard ripen theirr cheese using age-old traditional methods. The cheeses ripen slower and longer than what has become standard these days. And that can be tasted! More about Reypenaer.

Kaashuis Tromp - Utrechtsestraat 90
Tromp has correctly named his shop: Cheese House. The typical Amsterdam house is overloaded with more than 250 different kinds of cheeses. All Dutch Boerenkazen (farm cheeses) come from South of Holland. Also foreign cheeses are sold, including cheeses less-typical cheese countries as Hungary, Austria, Norway, Portugal and Cyprus.

Kaaskamer - Runstraaat 7
One of Amsterdam’s most famous cheese shops is in the Nine Little Streets. The Kaaskamer (cheese room) is indeed a small room filled with cheeses. The cheese room is not only celebrated for the cuteness of the place, the offering of over 200 cheese, the gezellige ambiance. No, the Kaaskamer is mostly celebrated for the excellent service: friendly people with a passion for cheese! Visit the Kaaskamer online.

French Cheese shop Abraham Kef - Marnixstraat 192
When stepping into the shop, you’ll leave Amsterdam and enter la France. The shop is the oldest French cheese shop in Amsterdam. In over 50 years, Kef has taught the Amsterdammers the beauty of French cheeses. In the Kefkelder (Kef cellar) you can enjoy a cheese platter with a nice glass of wine. Vive la France a Amsterdam. View Kef's assortment of French cheeses online.

Den Hollander Kaasmarkt - Beethovenstraat 86
Part of a new cheese wholesaler, Den Hollander sells famous and less famous Dutch cheeses from the (geographical) cheese triangle Woerden-Bodegraven-Gouda. Visit this shop if you would like to try these Dutch cheeses. Of course, other Dutch and foreign cheese are sold too. The shop’s ambiance resembles more a mini-supermarket than a ‘cozy, traditional’ cheese shop.

Cheese house Tromp - Beethovenstraat 69
Tromp’s cheese house in the Beethoven has less ambiance than the venue in the Utrechtsestraat. No cuts have been made on the quality of the cheeses and the friendliness of the service.


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