Tuesday, 18 May 2010

English Comedy Shows

After having blogged about English theaters in Amsterdam and Dutch musical artists of interest to foreigners, I shall continue my culture spree and write about English comedy shows in Amsterdam

Boom Chicago is the most well-known American comedy theatre in Amsterdam, conveniently located on Leidseplein. Boom! has introduced me to improvised comedy, a high pased and highly audience interactive form of comedy not aimed at insulting anyone personally. However, Bush and Britney probably disagree with me on the latter. One can have dinner and drinks before and after the show. See what's playing this week. Boom Chicago, Leidseplein 12, Amsterdam.

The main counterpart of Boom is EasyLaughs, which is formed by an international group of improv comedians. The shows of EasyLaughs are informal and have a less flashy, less comercial and less techy nature than than the Boom-gang. I have come to know EasyLaughs by joining their comedy courses, which are not only fun they also help you overcome shyness, stage freight and may be even enhance your love life (you'll feel more comfortable talking with strangers and people you fancy)! EasyLaughs courses/workshops are given in the weekends. There are two different shows each Friday; the Friday Show at 20h30 and the Late Night at 22h30, and you can buy tickets for either or both. EasyLaughs at Crea Muziekzaal, Amsterdam.

The Comedy Cafe looks and feels like, well… , a comedy show cafe. Before the smoking ban, the small venue was a bit smoky and dark, without being dodgy, reminding me of Seinfeld’s cafe. Beers and bites are served and the ambiance is relaxed and casual. Every Sunday there’s an English show by duo Hole in the Boat, but I haven’t seen it myself, so you need to check it out and update us how entertaining the show is. International guest performers are announced on the English part of the website. Show time of Hole in the Boat is from 20h00 - 21h30 (Entrance E13, and E33 including a pre-show time dinner). Comedy Cafe, Max Euweplein 43-45 (square of Holland Casino next to Leidseplein), Amsterdam.

Toomler is the theater cafe of the Comedytrain; a group of stand-up comedians. Stand-up comedy is what you typically see on TV as it is less interactive with the audience. A talented stand-up comedian can leave you crying tears of laughter, whereas with improv comedy that’s less likely to happen. Untalented stand-up comedians are dreadfully boring and embarrassing, though. Anyhow, the Comedytrain International invites the best comedians from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to perform at Toomler. So better bring your tissues! Every month there is an English-spoken stand-up comedy show, check who’s up next! Toomler, Breitnerstraat 2 (next to Hilton Hotel), Amsterdam.

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