Monday, 25 October 2010

Fundraising at Expat Drinks

Over the summer most drinks were attended by Cosmo Polite members. The E5 donation of the Cosmo Polite guests (aka non-members) were put together to support seven entrepreneurs in third world countries. Read below about three entrepreneurs who we have helped to build a better life.

Join the drinks on Friday to raise more money for starting entrepreneurs in need (of a cow or new sewing machine, I'm not talking a fast car ...)

Maria Elena Ugalde Cambronero (Costa Rica)
Maria Elena is 24 years old, married, and has 2 children. One is a year old, the other 3 months old, and they are her top priority. She would like to buy 2 cows to fatten. She has land with grass for tending to animals, which is an extra help. She has dedicated herself to her farm for several years, and would like to expand. She would like to get to earning a good profit from her purchased animals, so that she has support in tough times. In the future, she would like to provide a higher standard of living and more financial stability for her family. She would also like to continue growing both as a person and producer.

Jeanne Batamuliza (Rwanda)
Jeanne is 53 years old and is married with four children. She is well-known in the business of selling a variety of goods, which also includes the sale of tea. She has been in this business for about two years and her business hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. Jeanne needs to request a Kiva loan to expand her shop through purchasing a variety of goods like rice, sugar, beans, cooking oil and some other foodstuffs. With these additional goods, she will hopefully earn more profits which, in turn, will allow her to keep reinvesting for better financial stability in the future. In addition to that, she will continue taking care of her family.

Kimsreng Im (Cambodia)

Mrs. Kimsreng Im (who is in the photo with her loom), is 28 years old, has been married since 2009 and just had a young son. She lives on an island on the Mekong River about 15 kilometers from Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.

Kimsreng has been a silk weaver for 13 years. She sells her finished products to a middleman, who then takes them to sell in Phnom Penh City. She is requesting a loan of $300 to purchase silk materials for her weaving business.

Currently, the Cosmo Polite Portfolio contains the following loans:
read more about the Cosmo Polite Fund here
  1. Emerence Nshimiyimana (Rwanda) - Summer 2010
  2. Kimsreng Im (Cambodia) - Summer 2010
  3. Yeimy Yhonatan Benitez Caballero (Paraguay) - Summer 2010
  4. Tsunday Barongo (Kenya) - Summer 2010
  5. Jeanne Batamuliza (Rwanda) - Summer 2010
  6. Maria Elena Ugalde Cambronero (Costa Rica) - Summer 2010
  7. Doris Mugure (Kenya) - June 2010
  8. Yako Adjoyo Semekono (Togo) - May 2010
  9. Carlos Cesar Hernandez Torres (Peru) - May 2010
  10. Oem Nom (Cambodia) - May 2010
  11. Batjargal Sodnom (Mongolia) - April 2010
  12. Neang Kimla (Cambodia) - April 2010
  13. Sanchez Antonio III (Phillipines) - April 2010
  14. Bayrjargal Demchig (Mongolia) - April 2010
  15. Peninah Kibet (Kenya) - April 2010
  16. Adjowa Adjalo (Togo) - February 2010
  17. Jacob Tawai (Kenya) - February 2010
  18. Grace Iwo (Nigeria) - February 2010
  19. Natalya Bondareva (Ukraine) - January 2010
  20. Senfuma Joseph (Uganda) - January 2010
  21. Kei Uy (Phillipines) - December drinks
  22. Uche Ike (Nigeria) - December drinks
  23. Maqboolan Maqsood Ahmad Group (Pakistan) - October drinks
  24. Azra M.rafiq Group (Pakistan) - October drinks
  25. Rukiri 2 Group (Uganda) - Table Invitee dinner
  26. Hermenia Soon (Phillipines) - September drinks
  27. Letecia Ocular (Phillipines) - September drinks
  28. Marguerite Kayitesi (Rwanda) - August drinks
  29. Noeun Sorn (Cambodia) - August drinks
  30. Deborah Alaho (Nigeria) - July drinks
  31. Areli (Peru) - July drinks
  32. Yarisa Mojica Jimenez (Dominican Republic) - June drinks
  33. Dafina Vasileva (Bulgary) - Thanksgiving dinner 2007
  34. Hamza Homidov (Tajikistan) - Thanksgiving dinner 2007
  35. Digna (Peru) - Thanksgiving dinner 2007
  36. Tomás Medina (Paraguay)- Thanksgiving dinner 2007

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